The coveted URL now used for this site was generously donated by a guy named Matt in 2001, he even turned down the offer of compensation. The following exchange proves there are benevolent acts on this planet (at least in the Wacky Pack hobby):

>Hi Matt,
>I see is still undeveloped.  I was wondering if I could
>borrow or rent it from you to point to my site 
>Alternatively I'd love to buy it, but I imagine you are not interested. 
>I could go possibly a grand on it.  If you don't want to sell, while
>you're not really using it please consider letting me borrow or rent
>it.  Thanks for your consideration.
>Greg Grant

Greg. Its all yours man, you can have it. Let me know what i need to 
do to give it to ya! - All the best - matt

>Hi Matt, thanks a lot, that's great.  I assume you want to sell for the
>grand then, I'll have my system administrator contact you about what to
>do.  Just please tell me where to send the check.

Greg. No cash. Its all yours man. - matt

>Matt, that is just *way* cool of you!!  Thank you so much for doing this! 
>The wacky pack gods will definitely smile upon you :)  Can I at least send
>you a wacky pack or two? 

Greg. No problem man. Good luck. - m