Topps Wacky Packages 10th Series 1974
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10th Series 1974
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  • This series was released around October/November 1974.
  • Packs have two stickers, a checklist, and a piece of gum.
  • There are 30 titles.
  • Pupsi Cola was pulled at some point, and removed from the checklist.
    • It appears to have been removed from the checklist later than the stcker, as the checklists with Pupsi are about as common as those without.
  • sticker copyrights:
  • All stickers are tan backs.
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10th Series Checklist
Pupsi-Cola        Pepto-Dismal Pooped Ridge Farms        
Mountain Goo Heavy Trash Bags Clunky Candy
Oscar Moron Bacon            Bigtumi Spaghetti Sauce        Painters Peanuts
Life Servers Candy      Stove Glop Fishey-Prize Toys
Milk of Amnesia      Sunsweat Prune Juice Lox Soap
Greaseline          Diet Frite Cola        Coffin-Mate
Nutt's Apple Sauce Tic-Toc Candy Uncle Bum's Rice
Scary Jane Candy Underworld Ham Casket Soap
Caraid Bandages Ruden's Cough Drops Mold Power      
Bum Baked Beans Hairy Lee Cake Badzooka Gum

Mountain Goo
Oscar Moron Bacon
Life Servers Candy
Milk of Amnesia
Nutt's Apple Sauce
Scary Jane Candy
Caraid Bandages
Bum Baked Beans
Heavy Trash Bags
Bigtumi Spaghetti Sauce
Stove Glop
Sunsweat Prune Juice
Diet Frite Cola
Tic-Toc Candy
Underworld Ham
Ruden's Cough Drops
Hairy Lee Cake
Pooped Ridge Farms     
Clunky Candy
Painters Peanuts
Fishey-Prize Toys
Lox Soap
Uncle Bum's Rice
Casket Soap
Mold Power
Badzooka Gum