Topps Wacky Packages 12th Series 1975
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12th Series 1975
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  • This series was released around January 1975. ("Tues, Jan 28" date written on the 12th sheet auctioned by topps in July, 2002)
  • Packs have two stickers, a checklist, and a piece of gum.
  • There are 27 titles, making the 12th the original series with the fewest titles.
  • In this series many of the ideas and roughs were created by Bill Griffith (who is also responsible for "Zippy the Pinhead" comics). Jay Lynch also did many of them.
  • sticker copyrights:
    (Flare Pen single asterisk version)
  • All stickers are tan backs.
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12th Series Checklist
Toad Bubble Bath        Siesta Crackers Shock Dispenser        
Robot Burns Cigars Martian Hats Dud Laundry Soap
Pollydent            Battle Caps        Mr. Mean
Stingline Staple Gun      Wash 'n Fly Flare Pen
Duck and Hide      Weak Germ Aquax Cleanser
Pieces Candy          Hav-A-Temper Cigars        Killette Hair Spray
Wrecko Candy Barman Barroom Tissue Brandy Land Game
Paydough Candy Dud's Boot Beer Creep Toothpaste
Sootball Bubble Gum             Buz Detergent Milk Muds Candy      

Toad Bubble Bath
Robot Burns Cigars
Stingline Staple Gun
Duck and Hide
Pieces Candy
Wrecko Candy
Paydough Candy
Sootball Bubble Gum
Siesta Crackers
Martian Hats
Battle Caps
Wash 'n Fly
Weak Germ
Hav-A-Temper Cigars
Barman Barroom Tissue
Dud's Boot Beer
Buz Detergent
Shock Dispenser
Dud Laundry Soap
Mr. Mean
Flare Pen
Aquax Cleanser
Killette Hair Spray
Brandy Land Game
Creep Toothpaste
Milk Muds Candy