Topps Wacky Packages 16th Series 1976
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Topps Wacky Packages
16th Series 1976
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  • This is the very last series of the original Wacky Packs from the 70's. The stickers are copyrighted 1976, but it was probably released in 1977, in fact the shipping cases are dated 1977 and very few who were still collecting the 15th series remember the 16th. Pretty much everybody thought it was over with the 15th. The 16th had by far the lowest distribution of any series, making it by the toughest series to find both then and now.
  • Packs have three stickers, a checklist, and a piece of gum.
  • There are 30 titles.
  • sticker copyrights:
  • All stickers have white backs.
  • Scoot has a no-copyright variation, which commands a significantly higher price than the regular.
  • Vote for your favorite 16th Series stickers

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16th Series Checklist
Bleed's Candy        Clubbed Canadian                Seven Spies        
Fling 'Ems Candy Regal Clown Tipsy Roll Pop
Scoot Mouthwash (w/copy, w/o copy)    Old Grand-Mom Whiskey                 Jungle Potion
Earth Bum Shampoo Dirty Cell Battery Sufferin Coffee
Ghoul Humor      Arise Cream Smartz Collar
Ram-a-liar Syrup      Similecch Squid Cracked Lighter                         
Krummies Diapers          Prowl Shampoo        Fool Guard
Sucker Twin Suspect Deodorant Gillo Port
Horsey Feed Bags Copperbone Lotion  
Floral Cigarettes                   Dr. Nest's Toothbrush  
Yichs Sign-X                   Real Garbage Candy  

Bleed's Candy
Fling 'Ems Candy
Scoot Mouthwash (w/copyright)
Scoot Mouthwash (w/o copyright)
Earth Bum Shampoo
Ghoul Humor
Ram-a-liar Syrup
Krummies Diapers
Sucker Twin
Horsey Feed Bags
Floral Cigarettes
Yichs Sign-X
Clubbed Canadian
Regal Clown
Old Grand-Mom Whiskey
Dirty Cell Battery
Arise Cream
Similecch Squid
Prowl Shampoo
Suspect Deodorant
Copperbone Lotion
Dr. Nest's Toothbrush
Real Garbage Candy
Seven Spies
Tipsy Roll Pop
Jungle Potion
Sufferin Coffee
Smartz Collar
Cracked Lighter
Fool Guard
Gillo Port