Topps Wacky Packages 6th Series 1974
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Topps Wacky Packages
6th Series 1974
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6th Series Checklist
Mold Rush Gum        Peter Pain Peanut Butter Jerkens Soap
Piwi Blecch Soft-Head Bulbs Bit-O-Money
Eviltime Goonman's Looney Noodles    Ditch Boy Paint
Sugar Daffy      Monotony Spills Bros.
Run-A-Way Vitamins          Baby Runt Clammy Soap
Fruit of the Tomb Valveater Cheese Bar-Kist
Truant Cigarettes Snarlamint Cigarettes Sneer
Play Dumb Clay My Sink Perfume Broomo Seltzer
Blisterine Cut-Rong Hacked Paper Virginia Slums
Sugar Cigar Crisp Scare-Deal Notebook Footsie Roll
Airraid Deodorant What Man's Simple Candy Bum Bums Candy         

Mold Rush Gum
Piwi Blecch
Sugar Daffy
Run-A-Way Vitamins
Fruit of the Tomb
Truant Cigarettes
Play Dumb Clay
Sugar Cigar Crisp
Airraid Deodorant
Peter Pain Peanut Butter
Soft-Head Bulbs
Goonman's Looney Noodles
Monotony Spills Bros.
Baby Runt
Valveater Cheese
Snarlamint Cigarettes
My Sink Perfume
Cut-Rong Hacked Paper
Scare-Deal Notebook
What Man's Simple Candy
Jerkens Soap
Ditch Boy Paint
Spills Bros.
Clammy Soap
Broomo Seltzer
Virginia Slums
Footsie Roll
Bum Bums Candy