Topps Wacky Packages 9th Series 1974
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Topps Wacky Packages
9th Series 1974
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9th Series Checklist
6-Urp        Belch's Grape Jelly Czechlets
Pigpen Oil Moscow Syrup Heartburn Cereal
Kick A Man Sauce Taxim    Windstun
Messy Marker      Goon's Farm Wine Mrs. Small's Fish
Foolite      Delinquent Spinich Cents
Squabble Word Game          Easy Cough Cleaner        Raggedy Ant Doll
Ducko Cement Ivy Soap GI Toe
Stickers Jerky Fruits Killy Putty
Hookey Bubble Gum 3 Mosquitoes Shake and Skip Ink      
Paper Wate Pen Bear Aspirin  

Pigpen Oil
Kick A Man Sauce
Messy Marker
Squabble Word Game
Ducko Cement
Hookey Bubble Gum
Paper Wate Pen
Belch's Grape Jelly
Moscow Syrup
Goon's Farm Wine
Delinquent Spinich
Easy Cough Cleaner
Ivy Soap
Jerky Fruits
3 Mosquitoes
Bear Aspirin
Heartburn Cereal
Mrs. Small's Fish
Raggedy Ant Doll
GI Toe
Killy Putty
Shake and Skip Ink