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Topps Wacky Packages
Unpublished Titles
  • Many titles were proposed which never made it to be actual wackys. Most of these did not get past the stage of being roughs, however some titles were painted as finished products but were nixed, for whatever reason, before actual final release. These finished wackys are known as "unpublished" or "lost" wackys.
  • To date 17 unpublished pieces of Wacky Package original art has surfaced. Several of these pieces came from the Guernsey auction, while others have appeared on proof sheets or from private collections.
  • The following are links to pictures and more information for the unpublished pieces.
    Unpublished Checklist
    Mixwell Hearse Pig Pen Sea Honkies
    Buggies        The Clodfather      Richie Retch
    Winsome Cigarettes      Garbage Pail Kids       The Little Barmaid
    Nastee Crush Taster's Choke Gristlers
    Irvings Soap Hawaiian Punks       Mr. Potato Famine    
    Fool-Aid    Porkie Unlucky Dog
    Fanatik Pig Lips Tea Mumps Shoes
    Midget Rice Kill Antenmann's
    Monsterettes Janitor in a Slum Gooya
    Rotting Zone