Lost Wackys Series 1 Page

Lost Wackys Series 1 Proof and Production Materials

Only items listed on the LW1 page and on this page of production items should be considered legitimate LW1 items. A number of unauthorized forgeries have circulated, but they are all easily distinguished by their quality.

A number of proof and test items were generated in producing Lost Wackys series one. Different papers and printers were tested; different wrappers and sheets were tested. Since these items have become highly collectible, we will assemble a master list here, so that people will know what is legitimate and what is suspect. If it's not on this list then it's probably not real.


Yellow Wrapper Proof

Purple Wrapper Proof

Green Wrapper Proof

Yellow Wrapper Proof

Purple Wrapper Proof

Green Wrapper Proof

Uncut Sheets

Cards and Stickers

Several sets of proof cards were made to make sure everything was right before doing the final printing. Most of these were printed on regular card stock, or sticker stock but were not die-cut.

Proof stickers - not die-cut

Proof GPK stickers

Janitor in a Slum proof

Janitor in a Slum proof


For each puzzle a handful were left uncut, simply because seeing those large LW images is cool.

Janitor in a Slum Uncut Puzzle

Jujubats Uncut Puzzle

GPK Uncut Puzzle


Purple Box

Yellow Box


A small number of test binders were made. These are just paper inserts into a binder with plastic sleeves over the front and back. In contrast the true production binders were professoinally printed.