Wacky Packages Old School Series 3 - 2011/12 (OS3)
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Topps Wacky Packages
Old School Series 3 - 2011/12 (OS3)

    • Regular Box:
      • 24 packs of 5 cards:
        • 2 tan back stickers
        • 1 white back sticker
        • 1 ludlow back sticker
        • 1 checklist
      • 1 puzzle card
    • Each box had one sketch card from one of 11 possible artists.
    • Boxes contained various inserts and chase cards (see below)
    • Sets have 33 stickers and 9-piece checklist puzzle, just like the original 70's series.
    • There are no border color variations, all borders are black.
    • There are three back variations: White, Tan and Black Ludlow

    Base Stickers (2 tan backs, 1 white back, 1 ludlow back in each pack)

    Kruellogg's Apple Tacks
    Bang Anti-Perspirant
    Sugar-Free Bat
    Behead Guillotine Polish
    Chafeguard soap
    Charredstone Chew!
    Cling Freek Sheets
    Clorocks 2
    Grave Poupon mustard
    Grim Decomposting Coffee
    Hippy Days cards
    Homely-Comb cereal
    Kranky 100% Grating Parmesan Cheese
    Le Sore Surly Peas
    Meow Mess litter
    MoronGard Paint
    Mr. Babble
    Olden Grahams cereal
    Pig Boy
    Pop Recks
    Preparation H-Bomb Nuclear Ointment
    The Six Dollar Man
    Souse Trap Game
    Stretch Armstrain
    Tiger Eat magazine
    Town Hovel Shabby Crackers
    Um & Um's
    Van Vamp's Baked Bats
    Wallow Balsam Conditioner

    "Hippy Days" Puzzle Checklist Cards one per pack

    • puzzle top left
    • puzzle top middle
    • puzzle top right
    • puzzle center left
    • puzzle center
    • puzzle center right
    • puzzle bottom left
    • puzzle bottom middle
    • puzzle bottom right

    1967 Reprints

    Boredom's Instant Coffee
    Campy Spider Soup
    Coronation Milk
    Cracked Jerk
    De-Mented Rotton Tomatoes
    Jolly Mean Giant
    Lipoff Tea
    Moron Salt
    Ratz Enjoy These Crackers
    Slum-Maid Seedy Raisins
    Wacky 1967 Checklist

    Old School 3 Color Logo Stickers

    Wacky Packages Old School (shopping bag) BLUE
    Wacky Packages Old School (shopping bag) GREEN
    Wacky Packages Old School (shopping bag) ORANGE
    Series 4 Promo Sticker SweeTar / Coming Summer 2012

    Box-Topper Poster 12-page poster, with spaces to mount all 33

    Sketch Cards in yellow paper envelope one per box

    • Neil Camera
    • Brent Engstrom
    • Bill Griffith
    • Smokin' Joe
    • Matthew Kirscht
    • Jay Lynch
    • Mark Parisi
    • Joe Simko
    • Bhob Stewart
    • Colin Walton
    • Fred Wheaton
    • Jeff Zapata
    • Ziliznik

    Redemption card for artwork "rough"

    Card Album sold separately

    • Wacky Packages Old School S3 (binder)


    • Um & Um's

Many Thanks to Jeff Allender for generously sharing some of this info.